Ewelina Ciach (SAP Hybris): Advertisers struggle to adapt to this new trend which condemns intrusive marketing

”Contextual marketingul” is not some buzzword you drop in the conversation when negotiating budgets or company roles. It is an essetinal approach and a real need that has to be addressed if your company is to survive, says Ewelina Ciach, Senior Value Advisor, SAP Hybris. Ewelina's career includes companies such as Accenture, IBM and SAS, and within her current role within SAP she advises clients who wish to offer relevant and qualitative digital experiences to their own clients. 

A statistic that Romanian marketers ought to take into account: 91% of marketers "consider for the next years improvements through customizing clients' experiences with the product or brand". Also, says Ewelina, the ones who really need to take note of these trends are advertisers and online publishers.

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