Sports Business Academy joins forces with IFBI Brussels

Sports Business Academy joins forces with IFBI Brussels

Collaboration is key to success. That is why the Sports Business Academy (SBA) and the International Football Business Institute (IFBI), engaged in the educational side of football, are partnering up on a new academic project that focuses on mutual support, information sharing and marketing collaboration.


About IFBI

The International Football Business Institute (IFBI), located in Brussels, Belgium, was founded in 2016. IFBI is the first global football business institute in the world. In partnership with University of Brussels (VUB), it offers a one-year Postgraduate Course in which it prepares future executives with a passion for football and business, for a successful career in the football industry. 


Exclusive partnership

IFBI Brussels, represented by co-founder Simon Van Kerckhoven, and SBA, represented by Founder Cristian Gheorghe, now signed a first exclusive collaboration deal. From now on, both parties will be regularly exchanging information and knowledge in the football industry.


Mutual support

SBA agrees to exclusively support IFBI’s marketing activities and inform potential students about the postgraduate degree at IFBI. On the other hand, SBA will be able to make use of the IFBI marketing content, such as introductions, articles, social media content and press conferences.

Furthermore, members of the International Football Business Institute will travel to the Sports Business Academy in Bucharest to give a presentation on past and current IFBI research projects and on it’s educational program. This also gives IFBI the opportunity to attend seminars at the University of Romania.

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