Miercuri, 12 octombrie 2022 are loc, la Hotel Sheraton, a 8-a ediție „BEST OF ESOMAR (BOE) ROMANIA 2022”, conferința locală a industriei de cercetare de piață

Miercuri, 12 octombrie 2022 are loc, la Hotel Sheraton, a 8-a ediție „BEST OF ESOMAR (BOE) ROMANIA 2022”, conferința locală a industriei de cercetare de piață

Tematica acestei ediții este “Market trends and innovation in Market Research”.

Speakerii din acest an vor aborda teme variate legate de noua lume a consumatorilor, afectată de pandemia de SARS-Cov-2. Vom observa astfel cum a influențat pandemia modul în care consumatorii își aleg produsele sau serviciile, cât și modul în care companiile și-au reinventat strategiile de marketing și de vânzări, forțând totodată companiile de cercetare de piață să regândească metodologiile aplicate în industria de cercetare de piață și adaptarea la modificările curente.

Programul găzduiește o agendă dinamică susținută de reprezentanții celor mai importante agenții de cercetare locale, precum și de un invitat special, care reprezintă industria și comunitatea de cercetare de piață la nivel internațional: Parves Khan, ESOMAR CEO

Evenimentul „Best of ESOMAR” reprezintă un parteneriat între ESOMAR și SORMA România și va fi găzduit de Alina Șerbănică, Reprezentant ESOMAR pentru România. BOE 2022 se adresează specialiștilor în cercetare de piață și de marketing reprezentând jucătorii din toate industriile (FMCG, retail, IT/technology și telecom, servicii bancare, healthcare, etc.), precum și profesorilor, studenților sau viitorilor specialiști în cercetarea de piață.

Companiile din industria de cercetare de piață prezente cu speakeri la această conferință sunt: Daedalus New Media Research, DataDiggers Market Research, Exact Business Solutions, Ipsos Digital, iSense Solutions, ISRA Center, Kantar Insights Division și Mercury Research. BOE 2022 găzduiește și speakeri din partea clienților (beneficiari ai serviciilor de cercetare de piață): BCR, McCann World Group Romania și Telekom.



09.30 – 09.45  OPENING AND SETTING UP THE SCENE, Alina Serbanica, ESOMAR Representative, Romania
09.45– 09.50   SESSION A: New Approaches in Marketing Research, Session Chair: Andrei Canda, Managing Partner – iSense Solutions
09.50 – 10.15  Consumer purchase behaviour and coping strategies in the context of rising prices, Adina Iancu (Bogdan), Head of Qualitative Research – ISRA Center
10.15 – 10.40  Uncovering emerging trends in sustainability and predicting the sales impact of sustainability advertising. An applied case of Digital Analytics and AI on the Romanian market, Liliana Tincu, Senior Consultant| Analytics Lead – Kantar, Insights Division, Andra Constantinescu, Account Director| Creative Domain Lead – Kantar, Insights Division
10.40 – 11.05  The power of co-creation in finding and building on consumer insights
Diana Simion, Senior Insight Consultant – Exact Business Solutions, Stefan Chiritescu, Chief Strategy Officer – McCann World Group Romania
11.05 – 11:30  COFFEE BREAK
11.30 – 11.35  SESSION B: Trends in Measuring Digital CommunicationSession Chair: Ingrid Lambru, Marketing Director – Mercury Research
11.35– 12.00   May we have your attention, please! Understanding the appeal of short videos (Tik-Tok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, YouTube shorts). Andrei Elvadeanu, Quantitative Research Director – iSense Solutions
12.00 – 12.25  Navigating digital communication traps: Pretesting vs. A/B TestingDaniel Enescu, CEO – Daedalus New Media Research
12.25 – 12.50 Dating online – The intermingling of technology and relationshipsLiviu Micu, Senior Researcher – DataDiggers Market Research, Madalina Mirigel, Client Service Representative – DataDiggers Market Research
12.50 – 14.15  LUNCH
14.15 – 14.20  SESSION C: When Marketing Research Meets TechnologySession Chair: Alina Serbanica, ESOMAR Rep & SORMA President
14.20 – 14.45  Building multi-dimensional trend analysis, Andrei Postoaca, CEO – Ipsos Digital
14.45 – 15.15  Current technology trends in market research and their potential impact for the future of insights, Moderator: Ioan Simu, General Manager – Mercury Research, Panel’s participants: Daniela Hariuc, Head of Customer Insights – Telekom, Rodica Popescu, Head of Insights – BCR, Cristina Burlacioiu, Digital Care and Data Analytics Manager – Orange Romania Communications, Victor Rotariu, Head of Strategy and Insights – GroupM
15.15 – 15.45  BOE 120 Seconds, SORMA Members: 120” – Short Introduction
15.45 – 16.15  COFFEE BREAK
16.15 – 16.20  Introducing Keynote Speaker, Alina Serbanica, ESOMAR Representative, Romania
16.20 – 16.50  Keynote Speaker: Research Futures: A new look at the drivers and scenarios that will define the next decade, Parves Khan, ESOMAR CEO
16.50 – 17.00  OFFICIAL CLOSING, Alina Serbanica, ESOMAR Representative, Romania



Alina Serbanica, PhD, Senior Vice President, Ipsos
Alina has 30 years experience in market research and her broader expertise on both online and offline, on delivering market research services and on handling global online operations represent her great asset for dealing with the new data privacy environment, under a very dynamic pace technology, big data, social media and passive data collection have nowadays.
Since 2010 Alina is the current ESOMAR Representative in Romania and she is co-founder member of the Romanian Society for Marketing Research and Opinion Polls (SORMA), currently the President of SORMA.


Parves Khan, CEO ESOMAR
With 28 years under her belt, Dr Parves Khan, DG of ESOMAR is an insight leader with executive level experience from a range of sectors, including FTSE 100 companies. Her client-side experience includes leading global insights and analytics across INTO Global and Pearson’s portfolio of services, driving education, technology and product innovation in core markets. During her tenure at digital-first insurance company Ageas, she transformed the insight function into an analytical powerhouse. Khan also brings agency-side experience, running her own research consultancy for six years and supporting a wide array of private- and public-sector clients.


Adina Iancu (Bogdan), Head of Qualitative Researcher ISRA Center
With a background in Sociology, Communication & Public Relations, she started her journey in market research 14 years ago. Her career is fuelled by passion for talking to people, immersing in consumers’ lives to create a genuine dialogue, understanding & relationship. Her purpose is to connect the dots in between the consumer, the brand and the client in order to bring insights to life in a meaningful manner, reason why she prefers strategical studies. Over the years, she gained expertise in areas like FMCG, healthcare, services, social and know-how in a wide range of qualitative methodologies, with a soft spot for ethnography and creative workshops.
Her motto is „What makes a human great can make a brand greatly human”.


Liliana Tincu, Senior Consultant| Analytics Lead Kantar, Insights Division
Liliana is an avid researcher, embracing new challenges with enthusiasm. Finding meaning in big data and turning this into actionable insights is no issue for Liliana, whose in-depth knowledge of different industries and consultative skills make a perfect match. Liliana has a Master Degree in “Strategic Marketing” and is a seasoned professional in Marketing Research, with 17 years of experience.


Andra Constantinescu, Account Director| Creative Domain Lead Kantar Insight Division
Andra is keen on discovering insights about brands and advertising and passionate about creativity. She has been in marketing research for 17 years, many of which focused on analysing consumers’ response to creativity and understanding how advertising works. MBA graduate, Andra is also focused on making sure that clients get strong return on investment on their assets.


Diana Simion, PhD, Senior Insight Consultant Exact Business Solutions
Diana is a playful insights’ explorer, Design Thinking facilitator, and consultant with a PhD in Communication Studies and a strong background in academic & marketing research. She has expertise in brand strategy and is particularly interested in addressing the consumer and employee experience within the broader dynamics of the digital society and socio-cultural trends.

Stefan Chiritescu, Chief Strategy Officer McCann World Group Romania
Stefan has an extensive expertise in brand strategy, marketing research & consumer research, communication strategy, digital strategy, business development.
Over 70 prizes at EFFIE AWARDS (including GRAND EFFIE), Internetics, Golden Drum.
Relevant projects include rebranding and business assets development, reposition and brand launch, employer branding projects for important Romanian brands.


Andrei Elvadeanu,  Quantitative Research Director, iSense Solutions
He began his career in market research in 2007 and has spent the last three and a half years in the iSense Solutions team. From the position of Quantitative Research Director, Andrei undoubtedly embodies the spirit of the company. He has a PhD in sociology, with a solid academic background, and he likes to combine methodological rigour with the creative spirit of marketing. He loves brand and communication research and is an ardent follower of the school of thought promoted by Byron Sharp. Over the past two years, he has designed and coordinated the weekly Consumer Stress Score study, developed in iSense Solutions as a free tool to help customers and companies navigate the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In his free time, he likes to unravel the mysteries of civil law as a student at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest.


Daniel Enescu, CEO Daedalus New Media Research
Daniel is known mostly as the founder of Daedalus Group, sold in 2014 to Kantar Millward Brown – the worldwide leading company in brand and communication research.
MEng in Aerospace Engineering, MSc in International Business and MBA with Marketing Concentration, specialized in Total Quality Management in Japan and Human Resources Management in Denmark, Daniel likes to use his complex background to found/finance companies and then grow them.
Since 2018, Daniel has been CEO at Daedalus New Media Research (Daedalus Online) - one of the largest access panel companies in Central and Eastern Europe.


Liviu Micu, Senior Researcher DataDiggers Market Research
Liviu Micu has been active for 20 years in Quantitative research. He started his career after getting a BA in Sociology, he spent a few years in various positions at TNS CSOP and then at Ipsos IS, then he switched to the client’s side. A long stint at Vodafone followed, after which he switched sides again and joined Data Diggers as a Senior Researcher.
During all this time, he was involved in both Quantitative and integrated Qualitative-Quantitative research projects, touching many areas such as Consumer Satisfaction, Brand Image, Segmentation or Product Development.
Some say he likes to ask too many questions, but he’s driven by the desire to ensure that the right questions are asked and that realistic expectations are set.


Madalina Mirigel, Client Service Representative DataDiggers Market Research
Madalina has over 14 years of experience in Market Research and Project Management.
She's passionate about human thinking and behaviour, patient and likes mathematics.
Together with her husband, Madalina volunteers with a group of daring friends, for training Search & Rescue dogs. She makes a lovely team with Tessa, her Golden retriever, who is very spoiled and a couch-lover at home, but disciplined and fierce at work.
She also likes nature, horses, driving her car for long road trips, team sports and the Greek islands.


Andrei Postoaca,  CEO Ipsos Digital
Andrei Postoaca, CEO of Ipsos Digital and Global Head of Ipsos Observer, is one of the pioneers in online research and built the global Ipsos online capability.
Author of „The Anonymous Elect and Awakening the Connector”, he is in continuous seek to re-invent the research industry through digitalization.

Ioan Simu,  General Manager Mercury Research
Ioan has started his career in market research over 20 years ago, worked his way through almost all research jobs, and is currently general manager for Mercury Research. His research expertise is complemented by advertising experience and academic work. Ioan holds a PhD in sociology from University of Bucharest, and specializations in political studies and business management from University of Texas, ASEBUS and University of Washington. He also teaches courses on advanced analysis methods, market research and marketing.

Daniela Hariuc,  Head of Customer Insights Telekom
Daniela coordinates Customer Insights Area in Telekom Mobile. With almost 25 years of telco industry experience and 20 years of market research, she manages all the activities of assessing, measuring and monitoring customers and potential customers’ needs and journeys throughout telco industry. In the last years she focused on developing and implementing new tools to capture the voice of customers and got involved in Customer Experience projects, acting as “Customer’s advocate”.
She is passionate of people and strongly believes that understanding their fundamental needs and their lifestyle will provide answers to all the big questions about how we can grow our business.

Rodica Popescu, PhD,  Head of Insights BCR
From the very beginning in the BCR Marketing team, meaning over 20 years of experience in banking marketing research, Rodica leads currently the customer insights activity.
Starting with research into customer satisfaction and pain points, she managed to develop and keep the internal interest in terms of insights usage as improvement drivers of the customers experience with BCR, both locally and (since 2006) in the Erste Bank Group.
As an Insights professional she is dedicated to a more involved client approach, her main focus being to assure a true engagement between different teams in the bank and consumer insights business usage.
Rodica holds a PhD in marketing from Romanian Academy (National Institute of Economic Research).

Cristina Burlacioiu,  Digital Care and Data Analytics Manager Orange Romania Communications
Cristina has 20 years of experience in data science, competitive intelligence & market research field in various strategy departments in marketing, commercial or digital within telecom and financial industries. She was responsible of business impacts of new products/offers/portfolio launches/reshapes, managing quantitative and qualitative analysis, modelling consumer behaviour and assuring best forecast and budget hypothesis, planning and model building for best customer targeting.
Cristina graduated 2 MSc: International Business (ASE) and Mathematics & Computer science (Bucharest University) in Romania and has a PhD in Cybernetics and Statistics.
Currently, she is manager of Digital Care and Data Analytics tribes at Orange Romania Communications and associate professor at ASEBUSS – The Institute for Business Administration in Bucharest.

Victor Rotariu, Head of Strategy and Insights GroupM
Victor is Director of Strategy and Insights at GroupM, where he coordinates strategies and obtaining insights in the group's agencies: Mediacom, Mindshare and Wavemaker. Throughout the 13 years in marketing, the most important value he considers having brought is an in-depth understanding of what lies behind human behavior. This understanding it fuels the strategies he builds to bring growth to clients. In parallel, he writes a book and a newsletter about how we can build our ideal life in the modern world by solving the conflicts between our unconscious formed by evolution and the modern world.

Andrei Canda, PhD,  Managing Partner iSense Solutions
Andrei has a solid professional experience, working in market research for over 16 years. Throughout his career, Andrei has worked both on the client side (collaborating with one of the largest retailers in the market) and in some of the largest companies specializing in market research.
He has a wide area of ​​expertise, coordinating research projects on e-Commerce, consumer goods, retail, durable goods, media, tourism, automotive, financial services, IT&C, medical services, agribusiness, social, etc.
Andrei has a PhD in marketing, is accredited by the “Word of Mouth” Marketing Association and is a published author, writing specialist material on social networks, marketing, communication or blogging.

Ingrid Lambru, Marketing Director Mercury Research
When graduating from Business Administration in “ASE Bucuresti” more than 20 years ago, Ingrid placed marketing as a career option second to last on her dream jobs list. She was lucky enough to join Mercury Research, where she had the chance to understand market research is a dream job for inquisitive people who never settle for the obvious, and where she had been constantly offered opportunities to contribute to the company's diversification.
Ingrid is currently the marketing director of Mercury Research, proof that priority lists from your early twenties should not guide your career choice.



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